7 good habits if you have a sensitive skin


Having sensitive skin is a daily struggle. In order to make peace with our epidermis, here are 7 good habits that, once integrated into our beauty routine, will make your life much simpler.

1. Rinse yourself

Between cleaning and applying your day cream, make sure you do not skip a step: rinse. Bet on a spray of thermal water to remove residues from your cleanser and especially get rid of the limestone in the tap, which can dry out and irritate the epidermis. So healthy skin is ready to welcome your care.

2. Look at the labels

Sensitive skin needs to be more vigilant when buying a beauty product . Always take care to look at the list of ingredients (called INCI) on the packaging. The shorter it is, the better; We are dealing with a lightened composition, adapted to delicate epidermis. This form must also be tested under medical supervision, as the Soothing Cream Pro-tolerance for face Mixa . These rules are also valid for makeup . A safe bet? The mineral make-up , which normally does not contain any harmful ingredients.

3. Testing

Especially, test each of your purchases before using them to avoid any complications to your delicate skin. To do this, apply them on a small invisible area and check that no negative reaction occurs.

4. Measure your gestures

To dry the skin, one does not rub but taps with a clean and soft tissue (the tissues are perfect for the face). To apply care and make-up, after washing your hands, you prefer delicate movements with your fingertips.

5. Protect Yourself

Adopt the right shields to protect yourself from external aggressions (such as sun, pollution, cold) and avoid traumatizing your skin with too sudden temperature changes (too hot showers or excessive heating) that make the skin more prone Irritation and redness, as well as dryness and dehydration.

6. Adjust the operating frequencies

Masks, peels and other revitalizing treatments all the more aggressive sensitive skin. Therefore, the “to be used once a week” is replaced by “to be used once or twice a month, not more”.

7. Fall into the routine

Once you have found the right routine, keep it. Change products too often might rush the skin, like the fact of using too many cosmetics .


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