7 Foods That You Should Avoid During Pregnancy


There are actually foods that are not quite safe for your baby. These foods are not per se dangerous, but they could be contaminated with bacteria and parasites, for example. As a result, you should do without it completely or restrict consumption:

  • Cheese with a white mold brittle like Brie and camembert as well as blue cheese like Stilton, Gorgonzola or Roquefort . These types of cheese can contain Listeria bacteria that harm your baby.
  • Paté and raw or uncooked meat as well as raw or soft boiled eggs . Again, there is a risk of bacteria. If you cook meat and eggs, make sure the dishes are cooked .
  • Raw seafood such as oysters or sushi if you were not frozen before preparation .
  • Shark, swordfish or merlin. These fish varieties contain so much naturally occurring mercury that they can be dangerous . For this reason, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMU) advise pregnant women and breastfeeding on the consumption of fish, which can be particularly contaminated with mercury. These include tuna as a fresh variation and also canned tuna. Also, eel, pike and monkfish are not recommended. The consumption of tuna should be very restrictive or entirely omitted because of the mercury .
  • Liver and liver products such as liver sausage may contain larger amounts of retinol (animal vitamin A, see above) .
  • Refrain from alcohol .

  • You should not take more than 200 mg of caffeine daily. This is equivalent to a large cup of filter coffee (depending on strength) or four cups of tea or five cans of cola . Change to decaffeinated coffee.

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