The 7 Best Plus Size Fashion Hacks


Curvy women should wear only black clothes? What a crap! There are great other plus size fashion hacks that can make unpleasant pounds playfully disappear. And these tricks are absolutely catwalk-capable.

For every woman there is the right clothes. Sometimes it is simple: to be creative! But if you know the cool hacks of the plus size fashion, you’ll quickly notice how cool the curves look. So be careful, here come seven brilliant ideas.

1. Focus on the waist

What many people love about the female figure are their curves. In order to emphasize, woman reaches for the waist belt – best still in a bright color. So you can pep up your outfit quickly. And the awesome: Plus-size fashion hacks like this work in combination with a jeans, a skirt as well as a dress. Try it, you’ll be amazed what effect you can achieve with a small accessory.

 2. Set to vertical details

A cardigan with a cable pattern that slits down from your chest to your belly – this could be your new must-have. Vertical lines make you look slimmer. Just as well as a plait pattern but also zippers or folds work. Nothing suitable in the wardrobe? Then you can also put on V-cutouts. The long lines around the décolleté make you look narrower and longer.

3. Cool Plus Size Fashion Hacks: Crop Tops on the Run

Crop tops are just what for slim women with model dimensions? In no case, the short tops flatter even curvy ladies. If the waist is released, you are just emphasizing this part of the body – perfect, because here the upper body is the narrowest. The figure is optically stretched and is well-proportioned. So do not be irritated by the whole model-models with the gorgeous body center. Crop tops are also an absolute highlight for fuller ladies.

4. 3/4 sleeves stretch and look feminine

Do you prefer to wear wide sleeves to hide underneath? Conclude, you can still show what you have. In particular, shells revealing the last quarter of your arm flatter your figure. The arm gets a nice shape and the wrists can be staged with jewelery.

5. Longer legs thanks to tuck in-style

Also the belly part many ladies of the Creation like to cover with wide tops, which fall loosely over the jeans. Sure, this is a good everyday look. But there is no reason not to direct the focus on the body center – well, of course. Grab your long top and put it into your high-cut trousers. Your legs will be lengthened optically thanks to the simple trick. Pretty cool, right?

6. Wear short jackets over the dress

A similar effect is achieved by wearing a short-cut jacket over a waisted dress. It should end approximately at the waist level. What does it bring? You get the impression of having endlessly long legs. However, these plus size fashion hacks only work with dresses or high-cut skirts. A jeans in the bootcut as a combination would have the opposite effect.

7. Plus Size Fashion Hacks That Must Sit: Know the right size

There are numerous rules that tell you what plus size women should look for when buying fashion. Some believe wide clothing is most effective in concealing small rolls. Many curvy fashion bloggers, however, agree: skinny jeans flatter the figure mostly more than sloppy pants. It is important that you look closely at the purchase. If it fits so tightly that it stretches in the crotch, you should choose a larger size. With that you have usually also found the perfect fit, because tightly your pants may be quiet. Be brave and show what you have – you do not need to hide. A high elastane content also makes you feel comfortable in the jeans and that is the most important thing.


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