6 ways your hair you just seem older leaves


A new hairstyle can make you feel a completely different person. But a metamorphosis as in the video does not always works out well. By choosing the wrong hairstyle, you just seem older.

This time in the barber chair indeed choose the right hairstyle? Note here then:

Too neatly

Curl your hair regularly for a nice haircut? A neat coupe is obviously fine, but just a hair too actually means that you seem older. Shake those curls so nice and loose, then you seem much younger.


Bangs can be fun, but if you have thin hair, and therefore lots of space between the strands of hair from your pony, let you once again some years seem older. If you want a pony? Then, an oblique lok may be the solution.


Many women dye their hair when the gray starts to be. That of course does not cause you to look older, but if you color your hair in just one color instead of shades that is not very flattering and makes you look older.

Too much volume

Excessive volume can !? Yes, if you often rears its then you must remember that it is not too high and not too much volume in it. Los upswept hair works better for your youthful appearance.

Too long

Have years of her daring and you just can not say goodbye? Still do! Shorter hair can act as a facelift. But do not be too briefly. A bob-line is a perfect middle ground.


Layers let your hair look more playful, but it also ensures that your hair looks thinner, and you get an older appearance.

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