6 reasons to prefer organic beauty products


Here is the 6 reasons of why we need to prefer organic beauty products

1. Because they are all blessed for my skin and my hair

We know that if there is indeed a good reason to prefer organic products, it is obviously for their formulation. True concentrates of benefits, they contain exclusively good ingredients for the skin. Ecocert products, for example, are composed of more than 95% natural products and at least 10% of the ingredients come from organic farming, while Natrue-certified products guarantee the use of natural and organic ingredients, Environmentally friendly practices or the absence of certain components (synthetic fragrances or dyes, petrochemicals, silicone oils, etc.). This also means more active products than in “conventional” beauty products, More efficient.

2. Because it’s beautiful and it smells good

Completed pasty textures, earthy colors and dubious odors. Now organic makeup or care is a pleasurable sensory experience. Technology has finally met nature, and the brands offer us products that are respectful, efficient and glamorous. Then we remove this dusty image of the head, and we file to the radius bio fissa!

3. Because it’s good for my health

Our skin absorbs everything it is given, so it is better to limit the penetration into the body of products that can be harmful. Paraben, for example, preservative used in many non-organic cosmetics, is considered to be potentially at the origin of some breast cancers. The natural products contained in organic products have the advantage of not being toxic. Another good point …

4. Because the most beautiful women in the world have

Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, Monica Bellucci, Eva Herzigova and Jessica Alba (who created her own brand of organic products) are all addicted. Not bad as a guarantee of quality!

5. Because they protect the environment

Unlike those from petrochemicals, organic products are generally designed according to methods of production in keeping with nature. Non-denaturing manufacturing processes, ecological waste management, recyclable packaging design.

6. Because they are ultra-accessible

In the collective unconscious, “bio” necessarily rhymes with “out of price”. But organic products have become more democratic and not as expensive as people think. Indeed, we are not necessarily obliged to go break our piggy bank in specialized stores. On the contrary, there is in the same supermarket!


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