6 Celebrity Beauty Tricks That Will Make You Beautiful


The stars simply look overwhelmingly beautiful, when they face the lightning storm at events. But what are the beauty tricks of celebrities? Here are six insider tips from the most beautiful of the fair.

When it comes to the perfect performance, they know the best beauty tricks. The celebrities always look as if they are out of the egg – no matter if they have completed a 30-hour flight or have struck the night around their ears. So that you can keep up with them in the future, we reveal their secrets to you.

Eye Rings adequately!

Even though the hangover makeup is on the rise, only a few want to look as if they had not minded the weekend. Draw dark edges under your eyes, even if you had enough sleep, you do not stand there alone with this problem. That is why it is also one of the beauty tricks of the celebrities to make eye rings disappear in a flash. The make-up artist of Rita Ora, Kathy Jeung, reveals her secret recipe to the portal “Byrdie”: “Mix a little matte red-orange lipstick with a bright concealer to make an eye ring neutralizer.” The result: a regular complexion, completely without blue-black shadows. You look barely painted, but super-fresh.

Stunning eyebrows

A trend that has really prevailed is a striking eyebrow . They give the face pretty contours, which makes you look more alert and more present. The singer Ella Eyrie has the turn and knows exactly how she puts the hair above her eyes perfectly. “I use an eyeshadow by Bobbi Brown because I feel that the powder is easier to handle, and if you make a mistake you can fix it quickly, and I have a good Armani brush that is very thin and one Toothbrushsthing at the other end – I do not know how it really is! It is very good to make the lower line of the eyebrows look well-groomed.My makeup artist likes to pack hairpray on the toothbrush and distribute it on my eyebrows Because it fixes them well. ”

Beauty tricks of celebrities: Fuller lips

You do not have to go to Botox to get fuller lips. Thanks to the beauty tricks of the celebrities you only need a lipliner, lipstick and some gloss. Who could know better than the make-up artist of Kylie Jenner? Mario Dedivanovic explains how to create volume on the kiss mouth: “For lighter lips you need lip liner, lipstick and gloss (if you want a finish).

Use a liner that matches the color of your natural lips or a darker level Then over the skin just outside of the lips and start at the upper lip, start from the outer corner and draw to the middle, then repeat the process on the other side until both lines meet, on the lower lip I only paint in the middle Opens the lips downwards, then you want to paint the lips completely with the pen to not see the edges, it helps to apply a lipstick and pull it easily over the edges – so you completely cover the lipliner.

Radiant skin

The actress Jaime King is really happy with her radiant complexion. But of course, she also knows the beauty tricks of the celebrities, which she takes advantage of. “The main trick I’ve learned from [stylists] like Mary [Greenwell] or Pat [McGrath] is to use their own fingers. People forget that. They think they make -up with brushes, but it is much better to put the make-up on the skin with the skin – the temperature of the fingers also warms up the make-up, your own fingers melt the concealer and it is a great way, Concealer. ”

The perfect eye shadow for any occasion

The color palette for eyeshadows is simply infinite. The make-up artist, who gives Bella Hadid a radiant appearance, knows the beauty tricks of the celebrities:

” Sometimes I use a neutral lipliner to prepare and prime the eyelid, it provides some warmth under the eyeshadow, Creamy, because they are made for lips, so they are perfect when I want to create beautiful, warm and summery eyes, so I wear the lipliner […] and make a light, pale, sometimes slightly shimmering eyeshadow On to create a radiant look. “

Beauty tricks of celebrities for a long lasting lipstick

You’ve found your perfect lipstick nuance, but to apply it for dinner, would not come to your mind.After the first bite, it is blurred, loses his contours, or fades. Really annoying. But fortunately, there are the beauty tricks of the celebrities, who also know here advice. Pati Dubrott, who regularly dresses up as stars like Dakota Johnson, told “Vogue” that it is only a good nurturing basis and the correct application is important. After the primer, it first applies a layer of paint directly from the lipstick, fills gaps with a suitable lipliner, and finally carries a layer of color. In this way, the mouth looks perfect – no matter what tone – and does not blur so quickly.


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