4 things that I did not expect before becoming a mom


Before I became a mom, I suspected that my life was going to change and I was not disappointed. This new rhythm, with interrupted nights, morning awakenings and much less outputs is what I expected (but worse). On the other hand, I did not expect, to these profound upheavals that took place in me … at all levels.

Indeed, since I am a mother, I have the impression of having developed great powers.

The visual side

 My eyes seem irresistibly attracted by the strollers I meet. I recognize the marks at first glance, I automatically check if the baby is tied well … sometimes I worry myself.
We can now call me “lynx eye” I spot on my children if they escape me two seconds in a shop or park. I know for sure to locate them. I may do something else. I always keep an eye on my children.
I became super strong to do as if nothing was when I see how my big dress or the state of my living room looks more like a playroom than a haven of peace.
I am unbeatable to force (re-re) see the Disney,

Hand side

My hands developed new functions in which I did not think I was as competent.
They are softer to wash my baby, to massage it, to surround it with warmth and love.
They are stronger for wearing, rocking sometimes for hours.
They are more skilled in creating for him wonders of mobiles, toys and always inventing new things.
They are more fun to play with him cuckoo-hidden, to the “little puppets” or to “so do font do”.
They are more effective to find in the bottom of my immense bag the object that I seek at the precise moment. The tube of arnica in case of bobo, the bib ‘of water in case of small thirst, the doudou in case of grief, The pencil in case of trouble.
They are faster to catch a falling child, a flying teat or a small foot that slips.

Gourmet side

I feel that thanks to my baby, my palate has become thinner, more selective. As soon as diversification, I decided to give him products with tastes, natural, often organic.
I taste all the little purées I concoct, all the compotes cooked with love, all the little pots given too.
My taste buds are in a position to know even before my butt of a cabbage tastes a new food if he will appreciate it or not.


My ears have become war machines.
Essential to decrypt my baby’s crying and understand if he needs a hug, bottle , warmth, sleep or a clean diaper (but in this case, the new features of my nose are also Good practices).
To listen at night the little noises emitted by my cabbage that reassure me and allow me to fall asleep peacefully.
To hear the suspect silence when my great is silent amazement, obvious sign of big nonsense in preparation.
To delight me with the babblings and the first words, listen to the little misfortunes and great happiness of the greatest, songs, laughter and confidences.


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