3 things you need to let go forever before you lose weight


Who is about to lose some pounds, will establish working to change tack: the candy jar is locked, the cookie tray is not completed and sportswear is purchased. But before starting this process you have a few important things to learn to let go.

In the video above we share a handy tip for those pants (which here no longer closes) anyway to get close.

1. The carbohydrate

If you’ve decided finally to do battle with those extra kilos then it is important that you do some old habits out the door. As you allowed ‘carbohydrates’ having eaten properly after a week. Doing so is counterproductive. By allowing yourself one day a week to snack and eat sweets, you are going to create a lot more sense to go crazy on chocolate and biscuits. While if you just allow yourself occasionally, you will eat less. The day after you get carbohydrates you will have a hard time to stay away from sugar. Better you calculate definitively with the carbohydrates.

2. The “seven-day diet ‘

If you really want to lose those kilos you need a structured diet, and any diet where you starve for a week. Thus, you’ll then because twice as hard, and that makes for a big disappointment. For which you have also been a week quite apart? Right! It is, however, a suitable diet to fit in a short time in that wedding dress or lose some weight before an important event in your life.

3. Food blame

Food can give you a comfortable feeling. But remember that you are the one who eats it actually. It is not the fault of the cookie jar at work, the coffee table dish with chocolate or the fact that you went out to eat at that restaurant with these huge yummy cheesecake on the menu. You’ve chosen to eat it anyway. Ask yourself what went wrong instead of other things or people to blame.


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