3 fashionable ideas from blogger Sincerely Jules


Welcome to the world of Californian Julie Sariñana called “Jules”. We made a small tour on his blog ” Sincerely Jules ” to find her 3 best fashion ideas. 

When Jules arrives in Paris, she drinks coffee with her girlfriend Betty Autier and visits her great friend Morgane Sezaroly, creator of the Sézane brand for whom the blogger was muse for a collection.
This Mexican made in Los Angeles has managed to impose her style on the canvas thanks to her blog Sincerely Jules (2009). Since then, it has 2.2 million subscribers on Instagram and has launched its own brand Sincerely Jules Shop following the success of its famous ” Célfie ” t-shirt . Tops with messages (mostly in French), sweatshirts and mini- shorts in denim : an e-shop in its image. Far from the extravagance of some bloggers, The beautiful brunette adopts a casual style almost street, but always with a chic touch. We explored her blog in search of 3 fashion ideas to sting her, just for you.

Sincerely Jules’s low-cut shirt

The sexy Sincerely Jules is to show a little but not too much. Instead of betting on a plunging neckline, open one more button on your shirt . A technique that shows just what it takes to charm and spice up a casual look without falling into the vulgar.

For who ? Attention, this fashion detail works if you do not wear a bra , so it will suit women who have little chest. Are you one of those who always complain that they do not have enough? This fashion idea will put your breasts in value.

The oversized necklace of Sincerely Jules

When she travels the world, she always slips this oversized collar Dylanlex into her suitcase. Ideal to accessorize a classic outfit or to put the full view to the guests of a social evening. Like her, give yourself a fetish necklace that will add fancy to your casual looks.

With what to wear it? Do not choose the day you wear a sequined dress to get it out, you will easily fall into the too much. Prefer to add this jewel to a sober and discreet look.

The jacket around the waist of Sincerely Jules

With this fashion detail, Julie Sariñana returns us in the 90’s. So small we refused categorically to tie our jacket around our waist, today is THE detail to adopt to be trendy. What to break a look too chic with style.

The fashion styles to avoid? Do not put your jacket around the waist if you are wearing a jog or if you have opted for a sportwear look. The goal is not to adopt the complete panoply of the tomboy. For even more character, swap the jacket against a checkered shirt.


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