2017 colour choices for living room


It is said that the living room is the most “social” part of the habitat, that is, the place where one receives its guests. But the living room is also the most frequented, most used by residents of all ages. Its functional and aesthetic design is therefore of paramount importance for the comfort and the well-being of the inhabitants. And if furniture is essential to our physical ease, decorative accents can prove crucial to our mental health. In fact, the colors we choose in decoration strongly influence our mood, our ability to concentrate, our appetite and so on. In the current article, we will examine the gray lounge decoration and the good colorful associations that go together.

Many homeowners choose gray as the main shade for their rooms but do not know how to make it work. Since it is a rather monotonous color, it is often necessary to resort to various tricks in order to make it more interesting and attractive. Colorful accents and good textures are our irreplaceable allies in this delicate yet artistic and even amusing task. Finally, when you choose them carefully the deco results are frankly admirable.

The intense color bursts or the sober little additions save the setting just when you think you have not finished with a boring gray living room decoration. Even when the background is perfectly uniform the details in question are able to easily create a strong visual interest. Their wise selection and strategic location are the keys to conceptual success. Decipher together their secret codes in order to better understand them and thus master them!

Let’s start with a fairly common stylistic combination among contemporary homeowners and tenants and amateur decorators. It is the decoration modern gray and white lounge, harmonious and super sophisticated which lends itself to several interpretations. The only problem with such a design is that both the white and the gray are not pigmented tones and the end result may seem somewhat “faded” and impersonal. What should we do to restore the situation?

Decorating using textures is the most basic but most effective thing you can try. Their addition to such a graphic background is a metaphoric lifeline that can totally change the context in the room. For example, to introduce some furniture or small objects in solid wood will immediately transform the decoration lounge gray and white too cool and distant in friendly atmosphere that invites to cocoon.

The type of furniture you choose, as well as their layout, are also important for the overall impression. For example, a design armchair in plywood, like the LCW model created by Charles and Ray Eames and shown above, looks exclusive and tastes good. With its help, the gray and white living room decoration will instantly become cozy but also distinguished and full of unequaled prestige.

Floor-chairs and wicker ottomans, nowadays hyper-trendy, are another good option to visually warm up the gray lounge decoration, whether with or without white keys. Woven baskets, natural fiber textiles and green plants will put the icing on the conceptual cake.


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