20 things you cannot do because you are a mother


In the past, I was not a mum. Before, I thought to myself that once I had children nothing would change, that I would manage to do everything in the same way, without changing my habits. And then one day I had a baby …

Focus on 20 Things I Can not Do Since I’m Mom

1- Sleeping late …

 … this is almost impossible to do because you are non-stop exhausted.

 2- Criticize …

 … the parents of a child crying on the train, screaming in a shop or rolling around in a restaurant. I understand, I sympathize and, I confess, I rejoice that it is theirs and not mine.

3- Phone calling …

… to my girlfriends. While the children are awake, it is mission impossible. That I dare to talk to someone other than them? They hate it. And as I hate to chop my phone conversations from “Enzo, stop licking your sister’s sock or “Noooon, Elsa, we do not put her toys in the toilet. Even if they are dirty, “ my long conversations are relegated to the state of remembrance.

4- Scolding the big words

You do not think enough of it, but you get the edge of insults when you hit the little toe in a piece of furniture or you’re stuck in traffic jams with your baby on board. And that’s hard.

5- Go to the restroom

I mean alone, with no one seated on my knees (or at my feet), without a person scrabbling at the door, without a person who calls me without a break, who sketches a drawing under the door, Amuse to turn on and off the light.

9- Go out in the evening on a whim

Who says go out at night says find a babysitter . Who says finding a reliable and trustworthy babysitter at the last minute says … stay at home.

10- Shopping …

… just for me. And hop, it never fails, during my shopping sessions I always make a tour by the rayon child story to see if I would not find a little trick nice.

11- Blow my candles …

… all alone. They are fascinated by fire, flames and light from the earliest age and therefore impossible to blow my candles alone without their belly ashore to help me (but also help me to tear open my packages and Eat my chocolate cake).

12- Having time in the morning to prepare

Let’s be honest, in the morning, it’s the race: to wake up everyone, to raise the youngest ones, to prepare the breakfasts, to dress, to help teeth washing, to hairdo, to leave for the crèche or school … difficult to really find Time for me (without getting up an hour earlier).

13- Drinking too much

  • Because now I am a model (ben if, anyway),
  • Because I do not really want to,
  • Because I know that I will not be able to recover the next morning (cf. point 8)

14- Take a bath

Mission impossible to relax, read or land finally without being disturbed. Unless you do this once the house is asleep and if everyone is sleeping, the baby is not in a period of dental flare , no one has gastroes, no one is suffering from night terror or somnambulism. Suffice to say that it is not won.

15- Be serene

Ever since I was a mother I have always been anxious. For their well-being, their health, their development, their education, their size, their weight, their diet, their friendships … Worried.

16- Going on vacation on a whim

Now I plan, I can not leave without planning. And when I organize, I always check the presence of the mini club, high chairs for meals or security barriers around the pool.

17- Driving badly (and fast)

It is too precious for me to take any risk.

18- Doing sports

If I have not totally made a cross on the idea of ​​practicing my favorite sport, I admit that it is more complicated, less regular and that there is an entire organization to find.

19- Letting a phone …

… jewelry or anything at the height of his handcuffs and his little mouth.

20- Make me nails when I want

The risk that I have to be interrupted by my piece of cabbage, to have to use my hands and, consequently, destroy my freshly laid varnish is far too high.


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