9 Health Tips That will Double Your Life Standards


Getting older is a thing for every woman. But it’s a good thing: you know a lot of things. Thereforeü , you are simply better!

Especially when it comes to health issues and your own body, you know 30, 40 years of what was not so conscious with 20. Or one perceives things differently.

If we could give our 20-year-olds a few tips, they would certainly be ten:

1. Laugh more, enjoy every day

There are a thousand things you can get excited about, but generally it’s not worth it. Especially about all the annoying little things you should simply smile and continue. You can not change them anyway. Much better: laugh as often as you can and have fun of your life whenever it is.

2. Listen to your body

At 20 you still feel as if you could tear down trees. The body is young, sturdy and puts away a lot. But he is nevertheless sensitive. You do not have to go to the doctor with every zipper, but nevertheless you should already learn to listen to your body. Even if you are sick and do not go back to university, to work, etc.

3. Close peace with your body

At 20 everything was still firm and tight and nevertheless one was disturbed by small things. Totally crazy, as you know years later. Be happy about the fact that you are healthy and learn to love your body. You’re beautiful, the way you are !

4. Move more

Movement makes body and soul good. So come down from the sofa! The sooner you get used to a routine, the easier it will be for you. At some point you can not even imagine a life without sports.

5. Learn to cook

In the past, it was self-evident that the mamma had cooked at his mother’s house. This is often not the case nowadays. Nevertheless, make the effort to learn how to cook and then actually turn to the hearth. Self-cooked food tastes much better and is significantly healthier than fast food and ready-made meals. The effort is worthwhile in any case.

6. Do not go through so many nights

The temptations are great, yet not every one perceives. Do not always go through the nights, that will revenge. You get wrinkles , your immune system suffers, and you look older than you are!

7. Do not drink so much alcohol

The same applies to alcohol. Already your liver and lay in the celebration also times alcohol-free evenings. You can also have lots of fun without alcohol.

8. Do not forget the suncream

Vacations Holidays Sun Cream Summer Sun Lotion

Brown will also go with suncream! Carefully deal with your skin. The risk of skin cancer is not to be underestimated and also the skin is wrinkled faster.

9. Take precautionary appointments

To go to the dentist or gynecologist once a year is important! Breast cancer also affects young women. In the case of the dentist you also save a lot of money if you have a well-maintained bonus book.


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