10 detox foods that will make you feel at the top!


If you feel a bit heavy (just a little bit!), A bit like spending your time swallowing crap, enjoying festive meals, take a real turn! Take a look at 10 detoxifying foods that you will enroll in your menu to make your digestive system perfect.


From the day after a busy meal (not very rare in this period!), A generously watered evening, you can launch an Orsec plan for your liver, your intestines and your stomach! Begins there, invites fruits and vegetables to bring you vitamins. Warning ! After one (or even a season of) excess, do not throw yourself out of a diet. Otherwise, you would risk the yoyo-excess / deprivation effect that the body hates.

First, restore your body with a healthy diet, then once a certain balance, you can start a detoxifying cure.

The water

Certainly, we open doors open here, but it is never useless to recall some fundamentals. You need freshness and hydration? Nothing beats the water. In all its forms: fresh (not too cold, as it interferes with digestion) or in the form of tea or herbal tea, broth (the top for mineral salts).

The best is to consume a water supplemented with bicarbonate of soda. Hyper effective to help digestion.

Natural yogurt

No, not a fruit yoghurt or a light yoghurt, a real natural yoghurt, truffled with probiotics. Probiotics are living micro-organisms (eh yes, it stops you a corner eh?) That contribute to the balance of the intestinal flora. And considering what you have endured to your digestive system lately, it would be a good matter to treat it now. So from breakfast, you take a plain yoghurt.

White rice

In order not to starve you right away, you have to eat to calm yourself without burdening the machine. Rice is an excellent solution.

You choose it fragrant (Basmati type or Thai rice) and you cook it with water or rice-cooker. And you do not forget to associate it with a vegetable easy to digest like fennel, and fish cooked in the oven or steam, without sauce please! Okay, you can put some olive oil.


Once you feel ready, before attacking any diet or getting back into the sport, we recommend that you do a detox cure. Not a privation session, but a little month to put your body green! Among the top foods that will become your best allies are:

The cabbage

Far from us the idea of ​​following a cabbage soup diet, totally unbalanced, but the cabbage – and all his brothers and sisters of the family Cruciferae – are excellent for health. Rich in fiber and low in calories, whether raw or cooked.

If you throw yourself in a detox cure then, let slip a few days after the excesses, otherwise you would accustom your body to the yoyo, and know that the bumps do not like it!

For a good detox cure, and even a post-winter diet at the top, go on the cabbage in all its forms – even the cabbage of sauerkraut (but forget the cold meats!). It will steam and not too much, not to favor unlucky gas exhaust …

In general, you will have to abuse the fibers. Here are other high-fiber foods:

Birch juice

Have fun: you serve that to your buddies and you let them guess what it is. Guaranteed success!

The juice of birch, obtained from the sap, is a super anti-toxins and could well also integrate in a program after the party (but we did not want to scare you from the outset). This amazing natural product has incredible purifying, diuretic and detoxifying properties.

The top: to dilute in a glass every morning for 3 weeks – or 3 tablespoons in your bottle of water of 1.5 l daily (goes to that of Weleda, organic and can be found in organic store, pharmacy and parapharma). Go hop!

Black radish

Oh but stop grimacing at last! You peel your black radish, cut it into thin slices lightly sprinkled with salt, and here is a super healthy idea for a perfect scrunch of aperitif (but soft on alcohol of course!). Otherwise, you grind it like carrots, and serve it in vinaigrette with pieces of Grany apple and seeds. It’s very good, it passes by itself.

Why black radish? As a number of root vegetables, it has sympathetic liver properties. The best friend of your liver and of your vesicle in short.

Red Beet

The more adventurous will consume it in juice, the others will prefer it in salad. I advise you to find raw red beets and prepare them in salad, grated with a little shallot, combined with carrots; Not only is it excellent (faith of a girl who does not like red baked beetroot) but it is also better for the body because the glycemic index is lower than that of baked beet.

Good Protein

So that your detox cure is not just a total deprivation program, you need proteins. You will go and get them in healthy foods, which do not ask your intestines for a great effort of digestion. So not cheeses (too fatty) and red meat.

And yes to chicken and scallops (organic or Red label, otherwise you eat too many hormones), without fat sauce or cream obviously, and especially yes to white fish and seafood. Without mayo, unhappy! There, lemon becomes your best ally.


The fennel remains a dish, and it is really too unfair! For this vegetable is low calorie, rich in fiber and very fragrant, and is eaten raw in salad decorated with pieces of fresh orange, or cooked with cumin or curry in the water of cooking. It is served with a fillet of olive oil or a tomato sauce (little fat), and it accompanies fish perfectly for example.

A good oil

First your oil, you take it organic, otherwise it will concentrate all the pesticides. And that’s NOT  detox at all!

No, for your detox program, you choose an oil rich in omega 3 like rape or nut, perfect in salads. But you can also vary the pleasures with a good olive oil, which the body assimilates very well. Nutritionists are formal, do not banish all lipids, just better choose them and avoid excess saturated fat.

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