10 activities for teens in search of thrills


Teens have the reputation of being grumpy, so when you try to find the perfect gift, it’s always a puzzle. To simplify your life, we have selected for you more than 10 ideas of activities that should delight the amateurs of thrills that are our teenagers.

For a good dose of adrenaline: a thrilling attraction

“Always more”. Because they need more, your teen will love the Oziris attraction of Parc Astérix. In a suspended coaster, it will spin at more than 40 m in height and will link the loops, tendrils and turns tight at 90 km / h feet in a vacuum.

 He wants more? Our plan B
While you’re there, offer him to test Zeus Thunder, Goudurix or the new Pegasus Express attraction. If in all this he does not find his happiness …

To go fast

For the more adventurous, there is the possibility to test vehicles of formula 1 as a passenger. It’s a safe bet that he will be less clever when he gets off a car that goes up to more than 150 km / h. An adrenaline shoot that can not leave indifferent.

He wants more? Our plan B
If he prefers to hold the wheel, a karting session can allow him to have fun in complete safety. If he has already tried karting, he still has the buggy, the quad or the driving simulator.

To jump into the void

The very symbol of activity that provides fears and chills. : Jump into the void. Is this your teen’s dream? You can offer him a parachute jump. The first jumps are done in tandem with a monitor and will allow him to start safely.

He wants more? Our plan B
If for him, the parachute is for the weak opt for a bungee jump or a session in a free fall simulator. It happens in a wind tunnel. Equipped with a combination, glasses and helmet, he can experience the sensations of free fall.

To go high

Your teen wants to take the height? It is definitely the time to take off with a helicopter, balloon or paragliding flight. He will have the impression of taking risks … but in total safety.

He wants more? Our plan B
There are also, for the most addicted, flight simulator of airliner … Inquire, it is perhaps that that will make it kiffer.

To be afraid

Your teen is a warrior, he is afraid of nothing and is constantly looking for an activity that can give him real chills? Let’s go for a tour of the catacombs. In a dark, damp and confined space. Surrounded by bones and legends more agonizing than each other, he should be in his element.

He wants more? Our plan B

  • To concoct a Mortal evening with his friends. A kind of giant investigation of which he is the main protagonist. In Paris, Toulouse and Lyon.
  • Organize a horror movie marathon all night (preferably one stormy night!).

To delight with his friends

For a great time with friends, between fear and laughter, there are also classic laser game and paintball. The goal is always the same: to survive in a hostile environment. The main difference being in the projectiles: laser against paint balls. The seconds are more impressive (but also do worse). The must, part of one or the other, but surrounded by nature.

To cottage nature

Your teen is a fan of nature but simple trips are not enough for him. For a combo of good air + chills, turn to a via ferrata. This is a circuit in the mountain equipped with ladders and cables to help the participant progress along the route. There are small scares and access to mountain spots reserved for the most courageous.

He wants more? Our plan B
Your teen is rather “water” than “mountain”? A descent in canyoning is perhaps what would please him. After a brief safety briefing he can throw himself in the water hanging on his float to face the rapids.

To face the cold

For the more adventurous, there are certain activities to be practiced in the great cold: for example, a snowmobile tour to discover the snowy great spaces. Alone to direct his gear, he should appreciate the exhilarating sensations of exercise.

He wants more? Our plan B

He may be tempted to dive under the ice to push his limits and face his fear of cold, locked up under the ice and being under water in an unusual environment. For more thrills, there are also dives under ice at night. Guaranteed effect!

To discover the bowels of the earth

To go away from the surface of the earth and to discover places lost, deeply buried and accessible to the initiated only, go for speleology. If it seems to him a priori easy, it will perhaps be a little more modest once the body engaged in a narrow gut or when it will debouch in a majestic cave.

He wants more? Our plan B
Offer it an exit accrogrotte or, for the most urban of them, a visit of the sewers. An activity accessible in different cities and which could well win all the votes.

To test yourself

It takes more and more to your teenager, it seeks to push its limits? Why not offer him a survival course? Plunged for a few days in an unknown environment, he will have to learn to create a roof, to make a fire but also to find his food and to orient himself. A Koh Lanta without the cameras. He will be proud of being able to become a true Mike Horn of survival.

He wants more? Our plan B
Try an escape game with your family or friends. Locked in a room, you will have 60 minutes and not one more to solve puzzles, mysteries, codes and find the solution to leave the room in which you are locked … the nerves (and the brains) will be put Strain.


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