1 month left to give birth, where is the baby?


This is the last straight line, at this stage the baby is slowly preparing in broad daylight. This last quarter proves to be full of events! Here is what awaits you during this 8th month of pregnancy

Baby changes at 8 months of pregnancy

Baby grows and grows, he is preparing to leave the cozy environment of the uterus. Its limbs lengthen, and its bones continue to calcify.

Generally it is during this 8th month of pregnancy that it takes its definitive position: head down and buttocks in the air (cephalic presentation). But this can change until the beginning of the 9th month.

He drinks amniotic fluid permanently, contributing to the maturation of his digestive system, and his lungs also continue to develop, thus preparing for ectopic life .

Baby then measures 43 cm and weighs 2.2 kg on average.

It reacts particularly to its surroundings, to touch and sound. The uterine space being reduced, its movements are less ample but much more lively and frank.

The 8th month for the mother often rhymes with the beginning of maternity leave .

It is time to take care of the future cozy nest for the baby. And yet it is also about resting and making small naps, because between the overweight and the heavy legs, moving is increasingly tiring.

Also pay attention to the losses of balance because the center of gravity is modified, then vigilance is necessary!

8 months of pregnancy : it is also a period where you juggle between the desire to meet baby and the apprehensions of childbirth. Now is the time to ask any gynecologist or midwife you have.

In the 8th month of pregnancy, it is time to think about the last preparations, the last purchases, the bag for the maternity … so many things that will make that day D mom – and also dad – will have the spirit free as possible to accommodate baby. Enjoy the time you have before birth to spend time with the future dad. Why not schedule a shopping spree as a lover to get the little clothes and accessories that you still miss. As the clothes will be in contact with your baby’s new skin, do not zip the “wash” box before storing it in the maternity suitcase or in its small dresser. To do this, use a soft laundry adapted to the delicate skin of your little one.

Examinations at 8 months of pregnancy

The 6th mandatory prenatal visit takes place in the first two weeks of the 8th month of pregnancy. During this visit, the doctor will see the position of the child in the stomach. It will take the dimensions of the basin. If in doubt, he will prescribe a pelvimetry radio to see whether or not to consider caesarean section.

The third ultrasound is to be done between the 30th and 34th week of amenorrhea .

  • It checks the good growth and health of the fetus as well as the amount of amniotic fluid.
  • It also makes it possible to see if everything looks good for childbirth, especially the position of the child, the structure, its place and the maturity of the placenta.
  • It prevents the risk of premature delivery.

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